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WECnology offers complimentary technology advice to tire dealers and auto repair shops. Specializing in software, website development and payment optimization.

Arming Your Sales Force with Mobile Technology

Sales teams are under constant pressure to meet customer expectations, while bringing in revenue for the company. As technology brings you and your customers closer together, these pressures increase. Today, customers require a faster decision making process. How will you arm your sales team to handle the ever increasing customer demands on a daily basis? Consider servicing the customer in a 360 degree view. Today, you might have a customer who asks for product information that cannot be answered at the point of interaction. Or you might have a customer who would like to inquire about their transactional history. If your sales team isn’t addressing the customer requirements at their point of interaction, then your sales team isn't producing to its full capability. Arm your sales team with tools that allow them to access real-time customer, product, and transactional data. By giving your sales these tools, you are addressing your customer’s needs at the point of interaction, which … [Read more...]

Parts & Labor Integration With Point-of-Sale.

If your business does 30% or more in automotive service you probably already know the challenges of pricing, ordering, tracking, and billing for outside-purchased automotive parts. If your point-of-sale software does not provide an integration to parts suppliers with standardized labor rates by jobs, you could be losing more money than you realize. In a non-integrated process, there are plenty of opportunities for steps to be missed and errors to occur. Did you price the parts accurately? Did you get all of the parts costs entered on the invoice? Do you have parts that need to be returned? Did you get all of your credits? For example, you order two water pumps because you are not sure which one will fit -- does the unused water pump get returned, or does it sit on a shelf in the stock room for weeks… months? Now, picture this process with a POS system with integrated parts and labor cataloging and electronic ordering. You start a quote for your customer in your POS. You click a … [Read more...]

Are You Connected?

…To your suppliers?  Electronically?  Why should you be?  You could be wasting lots of time and money, and making costly mistakes, by entering things multiple times.  In today’s electronic age, connectivity is much easier and more affordable than it has been in past years. When computers exchange data, instead of humans re-entering it, there is virtually no margin for error.  The system doesn’t change the numbers along the way; data remains constant.  Just think of credit card processing for a moment.  There are millions of transactions that are being processed every day, error free.  When is the last time you had a credit card statement come through with a different amount than what you signed for?  Typically any errors in charges were created by the person manually keying in the amount of the charge.  And then those charges appeared on your receipt, right or wrong. In addition to data integrity, speed and efficiency come into play.  Imagine needing to look up a part for a … [Read more...]