About Patrick Sandone

In an era when e-commerce has exploded, shopping for tires or auto repair services is still a largely bricks-and-mortar experience. However, the sector is among many who fall into the ROBO category--or research online, buy offline.

Patrick Sandone became intimately aware of this concept and applied it to his family’s regional chain of businesses in Northeast PA, Sandone Tire and Care Care Center. Now, when someone searches online for “Scranton” and “tires,” Sandone is the No. 1 result. Patrick Sandone has brought that vision and results to his latest venture, Net Driven, which aims to drive sales results using the internet.

While working as an investment banker on Wall Street, Sandone became interested in what makes companies work. So he switched gears and worked for a venture capital firm in Boston, where he got first-hand experience working with internet startups. After earning his MBA at Columbia University, he went back to Scranton in 2004 to start applying his knowledge to the family business.

Net Driven offers four products: AutoTraction, a fully customizable website solution for the auto industry; Tiresandautoservice.com, a webstore solution for tire and repair shops; TurboSEO, the company’s proprietary search engine optimization service; and TurboClick, an internet marketing service.

It took about two years to build the technology and Sandone began marketing Net Driven by the summer of 2009. The company has steadily added staff and clients to meet a growing demand for its services, which includes customers in every corner of the U.S. and a good number in Canada. With 200,000 tire and auto repair retail locations nationwide as targets, Sandone anticipates doubling his staff of eight by the end of 2010.

Great Website, Great Results

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A great website will deliver great results.  When done correctly your website will act like an additional location staffed with expert advisors who never sleep and deliver new customers and increased sales.  When done poorly, however, it can lose your company business.  The four key areas to focus on in designing an effective website are appearance, usability, content and interactivity.  Net Driven worked with Penn State University to study how people shop for tires and auto repair services online and came up with these four key areas that are important to creating an online presence that will help your business maintain existing customers and get new ones. Appearance - A site must be professional and appealing.  It is a reflection of your business, products and services and may be the first, and only, impression a potential customer receives of your company.  It should also reflect the unique character of your business and convey what is special about your company.  Include … [Read more...]