About Tom Azzarelli

Tom is an independent consultant and partner with B2B CFO® that provides solutions that take companies to a higher level of success by using a unique, proven six-step process called “The GamePlan™

He will carefully analyze your business and then offer solutions for improvements in a clear and concise manner. He is a trusted advisor with the highest degree of integrity and ethics that partners with CEO’s to accomplish organizational goals together. With his diversified experience he is uniquely capable of providing business owners with financial clarity to increase cash, profits and company value.

Tom earned his Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is a licensed New Jersey and Arizona Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant. Tom worked in the Metro NYC market for over 20 years and recently relocated to Arizona. He resides with his wife Kathy in Chandler.

Exiting My Business – Why Should I Plan?

Rainbow pipelines with valves

I talk to many business owners and I always ask the question, “How and when do you plan to exit this business?” It never ceases to amaze me how many people tell me, “I am never going to leave my business; this is my life.” Let me put that myth to rest immediately. Every business owner WILL leave their business. They may leave it vertically or they may leave it horizontally, but they will leave it. That being said, it is obvious that exit planning is very critical to business owners, but especially small business owners. Why? Let’s look at some statistics from the Small Business Administration. There are approximately 23 million businesses in theUS. Of these businesses, 99.7% have fewer than 500 employees. In other words, small business! Over 65% of these businesses are family owned or closely held businesses. Over 50% of small businesses are owned by individuals over 50 years of age. What does this say? There will be more businesses hitting the market for sale in the next … [Read more...]