What is the Best Kind of Advertising?


A program that insures your bays are filled every day with customers that will purchase Tires and Service from you, at reasonable gross margins.

There shouldn’t be any mystery about that.

The question is – what does that program look like?

Well if you are a Big Retail Chain or New Car dealership, the program looks a lot different then if you are a small or midsize Independent. Big Retail and New Car Dealers have the resources and budgets for sophisticated database programs, amazing websites and over the top digital campaigns, while still spending big bucks on traditional advertising. To assess ROI on each campaign, Big Retail and New Car Dealers have really cool tools that can analyse every metric under the sun.

If you are an Independent (if you advertise at all), you probably have a web site, FaceBook page and Twitter Account (or at least I hope so). You may do some ADVO or Money Mailer type advertising monthly and a declined service/reminder program. For big events, you possibly teamed up with one of your manufactures to do a database and or conquest mailing. Like most small businesses, you rely heavily on reputation, word of mouth and grass root marketing to keep the bays full.

Something to Ponder:

Ever wonder why the great tools that Big Retail and New Car dealers use to drive business are not completely available to Independent Tire and Service Dealers? Or if they are available the solutions are inferior (compared to Big Retail and Car Dealers), extremely expensive and/or delivered a la cart vs complete solutions?


Independent Tire and Service Dealers are – for the most part – fiercely Independent. It takes a lot of resources to work with thousands of Tire and Service Businesses that have a multitude of different systems and processes to navigate vs. Big Retail and New Car Dealers that have (for the most part) homogeneous systems – and bigger spends.

In the next few posts, I will discuss ways you can accomplish your advertising goals for a fraction of the budget deployed by Big Retail and New Car Dealers.  Think David vs. Goliath.

I will also announce a program that I have been working on with some pretty smart people, that will make available very powerful marketing tools to the Independent Tire and Service Dealer.

Good Selling!


About Patrick Murphy

I have spent the past eighteen years producing, coaching and mentoring retail teams. The past six have been in support of Independents across Western US. Although, I have worked most of my career in automotive retail, It hasn’t and never will be about “cars and trucks.” What it has been about is the challenge and satisfaction of helping people with all types of backgrounds to realize their potential.
I am very proud that many of my former teammates have gone on to do some pretty terrific things with their life. Several are currently running their own groups and a few have even opened their own businesses.
My assignments with Bridgestone Firestone and TBC Corporation has offered me the opportunity to work in and become familiar with many markets across the country. From my hometown of Philadelphia, to Boston, Arizona, Dallas, New Mexico, Florida and Southern California. Each market has presented its own unique set of challenges, but at the end of the day, it always came down to three things: people, process and execution.