Why you should be doing Work Place Marketing


Work Place Marketing, is a form of "grass root marketing" that centers around reaching out to people or associations that work within the trade area of your service center (s).  Most of us have done some type of Work Place Marketing. Typical Work Place Marketing examples range from handing out coupons or flyers in nearby shopping strips and office parks, to having discount cards printed up for large employers, schools and associations.   Statistically 35% of consumers buy tires & service while they are at work. Traditional media that targets residential households is not the most effective way to reach these consumers. How do you get a message out to people that park their vehicle within a few miles of your store front EVERY DAY? You get out of your stores and Knock on Doors! While the traditional coupon, flyer and printed discount card will get them in the door, how do you convert that first time customer into a loyal passionate fan? RTS has put … [Read more...]


Testimonials are one of the most influential parts of any advertising. Get feedback from customers and feature it in ads, flyers, brochures, sales letters, and your website. Psychologists call it "Social Proof" -- people want to know that others have successfully gone first. So tell them... and reap the rewards! … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Logical

Your prospects need only so much logic to justify the purchase, however the bulk of the buying decision occurs on the emotional level. Example: Every car owner knows that squealing brakes should be inspected and, perhaps, replaced without delay. But say that their squealing brakes might be just 1 red light away from complete mechanical failure and -- BOOM! -- you get their attention. … [Read more...]

Story Movers

A "story mover" is an old sales term that refers to a dramatic story a salesperson would tell his prospect to help influence them to buy. It's a powerful technique that works equally well in print advertising. Don't just say "Save 25%." Tell people the why you're having a sale (we're overstocked... to keep our staff busy on Monday, etc.). Give them a reason that makes sense and you've played the credibility card! … [Read more...]

Support Your Claims

Always back up claims with evidence or specifics. "Lowest Price" or "Best Quality" are over-used, generic claims that mean nothing to today's consumer unless you back it up with supporting evidence, statistics, or specifics. An ad for a business that simply says, "We Are the Best" without details to back that up, carries no weight... no credibility. Always add testimonials... years of experience... a solid guarantee... and exactly why you're better, and your claims stand a chance. … [Read more...]

Give the Details

There's a big difference between putting people to sleep and giving them the facts they need to make a buying decision. Example: If your auto service includes a 24-point safety inspection, explain the 24 points! If your reader is a prospect for that service, he or she wants to know! … [Read more...]

Words Sell

Lots of "unused" space in your advertising might make your graphic designer happy, but don't expect it to boost your selling power. Words sell... and images assist those words. White space sells nothing. So tell the full story now! … [Read more...]

Finally! A Rewards Program for Tire & Service Dealers

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The Only Marketing Program You May Need   Over the past few years, I have worked on a platform to provide a custom marketing solution for Independent Tire and Service Dealers. Today, I am really excited to announce the availability of the Retail Tire Solutions Loyalty Rewards Plus Marketing Program.   This Marketing Platform will change the way you market to your customers forever!  It very well may be the only marketing program you need going forward! Why it took so long? One of the most difficult problems associated with offering marketing programs to Independents, is the reality that there are so many different POS systems being utilized by Tire Dealers and almost as many single store operators. Marketing programs that have the ability to Reward current customers,  Win Back lost customers, Acquire new customers, Improve Gross Sales and provide you with some pretty cool Tools that measure return on investment (across many platforms) can be fairly expensive to the average … [Read more...]

Tell the Whole Story

Keep your ads short and sweet, right? WRONG! Countless tests have proven the more you tell the more you sell. Very short copy usually has little power to motivate people to act. Skillfully written L-O-N-G copy consistently out-pulls short copy... no matter what you sell. … [Read more...]

Are you kidding me?

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Are you kidding me?  That was my response to Steve, a good friend of mine, when he told me that some of his Independent Tire & Service clients sell oil club programs in hopes that the customer DOES NOT redeem them. Yes - You heard that right! I told Steve that strategy made no sense.   Especially when you take into consideration that it takes approximately $350 to gain a new customer.   The main reason to sell club programs is to encourage loyalty and repeat business. To make sure we are all on the same page, an oil club program is a program that sells multiple oil changes at a significant discount,  trading future gross for loyalty and repeat business.  I also like idea of selling alignment policies and "super coupon" programs. You should probably know by now ... I am a Big fan of just about anything that encourages customer growth! Key Point - it's not how MUCH its How MANY - How much a customer spends every time they service their vehicle with you is less … [Read more...]