Finally! A Rewards Program for Tire & Service Dealers

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The Only Marketing Program You May Need   Over the past few years, I have worked on a platform to provide a custom marketing solution for Independent Tire and Service Dealers. Today, I am really excited to announce the availability of the Retail Tire Solutions Loyalty Rewards Plus Marketing Program.   This Marketing Platform will change the way you market to your customers forever!  It very well may be the only marketing program you need going forward! Why it took so long? One of the most difficult problems associated with offering marketing programs to Independents, is the reality that there are so many different POS systems being utilized by Tire Dealers and almost as many single store operators. Marketing programs that have the ability to Reward current customers,  Win Back lost customers, Acquire new customers, Improve Gross Sales and provide you with some pretty cool Tools that measure return on investment (across many platforms) can be fairly expensive to the average … [Read more...]

Announcing Tire Dealer Support Services

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Its been a couple of years in the making, but has officially launched.  Tire Dealer Support is billed as "Home Office Support" for the Independent Tire and Service Dealer. Why TDS? Over the past six years, I had the opportunity  to work with hundreds of Independent Tire and Service Dealers.  I learned a lot!  Especially how hard an Independent Tire Dealer  has to work to compete and win in today's extremely competitive tire and service industry. Having worked most of my career for a national retailer, I know first hand what a huge advantage  it is to be able to focus all of your attention on taking care of customers and running  your daily operations. I think Home office support is a pretty big deal! Tire Dealer Support was founded to level the playing field. To help dealers focus on generating revenue and growing rather then wasting time shopping for support services and meeting with vendors. Ultimately - Retail Tire Support will  provide the … [Read more...]

Durbin Amendment Regulates Debit Card Fees beginning October 1, 2011

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The final ruling on the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act was passed this summer in 2011.   Senator Richard Durbin added this amendment to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act last minute. It’s officially known as Section 920 of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) of Dodd-Frank.  Here’s what it means for all of us. The Amendment reads an October 1st, 2011 deadline for implementation.  All Card Issuing Banks with assets greater than $10 billion must cap the interchange fees associated with debit cards for both signature and PIN debit. Card issuing banks with assets less than $10 billion are excluded from the Amendment.  Moving forward, the big banks will be looking for ways to replace a good portion of the $1.3 billion in swipe fees that are collected each year from retailers.  In fact, many big banks have already implemented monthly debit card fees for card holders and removed rewards programs associated with debit cards issued to … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Duped by the “Bottom Feeders”

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As a business owner or manager you are familiar with the sales calls that frequently get routed to your ear.  No more annoying than the one that goes like this. “Mr. Owner, great news! Your business is eligible to receive wholesale credit card processing rates.” Currently you are processing at a retail level and we just need to get an account executive out there to qualify your business.” The next thing you know, you’re signing paperwork to receive proposed savings on your credit card processing fees. What you’re really signing is a 3-4 year agreement to do business with someone you just met that day. A week later, a new credit card terminal arrives (which you really didn’t need in the first place). Instead of the account executive coming back to help with installing the terminal, you have to spend an hour of your time on the phone with a tech rep while you attempt to get it working.   Now, fast forward a month or two when you get your first statement. After doing the math, … [Read more...]