What is the Best Kind of Advertising?

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Answer? A program that insures your bays are filled every day with customers that will purchase Tires and Service from you, at reasonable gross margins. There shouldn't be any mystery about that. The question is - what does that program look like? Well if you are a Big Retail Chain or New Car dealership, the program looks a lot different then if you are a small or midsize Independent. Big Retail and New Car Dealers have the resources and budgets for sophisticated database programs, amazing websites and over the top digital campaigns, while still spending big bucks on traditional advertising. To assess ROI on each campaign, Big Retail and New Car Dealers have really cool tools that can analyse every metric under the sun. If you are an Independent (if you advertise at all), you probably have a web site, FaceBook page and Twitter Account (or at least I hope so). You may do some ADVO or Money Mailer type advertising monthly and a declined service/reminder program. For big events, … [Read more...]

When it’s Time to Hang it Up


What does Mick Jagger, Rickey Henderson, Jerry Rice, Brett Favre and Chris Chelios have in common?  Give up? - YES!  All were (are) legends in their respective professions and - YES - neither appeared to have a well thought out  exit strategy.   One could even argue, all stayed in the "game" a bit too long. What is a Exit Strategy? Wikipedia has a pretty good definition:  "An exit strategy is a means of leaving one's current situation, either after a predetermined objective has been achieved, or as a strategy to mitigate failure.[1][2][3] An organisation or individual without an exit strategy may be in a quagmire. At worst, an exit strategy will save face; at best, an exit strategy will peg a withdrawal to the achievement of an objective worth more than the cost of continued involvement." Why you should have an Exit Strategy? As much as you would not like to admit it, you can't keep doing what you are doing forever.  No one in the history of man has been able to pull that off … [Read more...]



People - It really is all about People. Yes we fix cars and trucks - install tires and wheels. But in the end,  its about People solving Peoples problems working with People. A few question to ask yoursleves as we prepare to start another day as automotive tire and service professionals. Do my people know what is expected every day? Do they understand their role? Do my people have goals? Do my people have the tools (training) to meet expectations? Do I keep score every day? Track important stuff like (Customers Serviced, Sales, Service Sales, Payroll, COGS .. etc) Do I provide regular (daily) feedback to my people? These are basic questions that mean everything to the success of your business, but easily overlooked. Need Help? Here are a few articles to get you going in the right direction. Five Qualities of Remarkable Bosses Keeping Score in Retail Tire & Service Retail Tire and Service Tracking Tools As always - Im here to  help!  Contact me … [Read more...]