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I started Retail Tires Solutions a few years ago as a place to post solutions and best practices for Independent Tire Dealers that I supported in the Western States.  I felt then (and still do) - that there really wasn't many good resources for tire dealers to get practical information and support. Shout Out! I am looking for new contributors to share best practices, insights, inspiration, new products or anything that would provide the RTS Community with some "Good Stuff" to help Independent Tire and Service Dealers. What does "Good Stuff" look like? Best Practices Business Philosophy Customer Success Stories Grass Root Marketing Ideas Why you do what you do ... How you built you business Or anything else that would provide guidance to fellow Independent Tire and Service Dealers. What's in it for YOU? On an average month, this blog site gets a few thousand page reads.  You could become famous ;-) or more likely, your contribution could provide the inspiration for … [Read more...]

Announcing Tire Dealer Support Services

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Its been a couple of years in the making, but TireDealerSupport.com has officially launched.  Tire Dealer Support is billed as "Home Office Support" for the Independent Tire and Service Dealer. Why TDS? Over the past six years, I had the opportunity  to work with hundreds of Independent Tire and Service Dealers.  I learned a lot!  Especially how hard an Independent Tire Dealer  has to work to compete and win in today's extremely competitive tire and service industry. Having worked most of my career for a national retailer, I know first hand what a huge advantage  it is to be able to focus all of your attention on taking care of customers and running  your daily operations. I think Home office support is a pretty big deal! Tire Dealer Support was founded to level the playing field. To help dealers focus on generating revenue and growing rather then wasting time shopping for support services and meeting with vendors. Ultimately - Retail Tire Support will  provide the … [Read more...]

Reason for Optimism? New SEMA Survey Say YES!

Reason for optimism

SEMA's April survey of the Automotive Retail Sector reports that almost half of all automotive retail stores (48%) had sales improvements year to date over last year.  37% reported being flat and only 16% down. The small automotive retailers outlook for June, July and August saw almost 90% of the respondents expecting to either have sales increases (52% ) or remain flat (37%).  Only 11% of the small automotive retailers felt that sales were going to decline. Interestingly enough, in the same survey, when automotive business owners were asked what their most important business problem currently was, the top answer (26%) was Poor Sales followed by Competition from the Internet (14%).   … [Read more...]