Complete Winning Strategy

Retail Ops Training Program & Business Development Group

Thanks for your interest in the Complete Winning Strategy.  The Program begins with assisting store leadership in defining roles, setting goals and providing the tools necessary to build top performing retail teams.

Retail Tire Solutions Complete Winning Strategy is a comprehensive “Peer Driven” retail operations training program for Independent Tire & Service Dealers led by veteran Retail Automotive Coaches.

Why Participate? 

CWS will provide you with the necessary resources to compete and win in the ultra-competitive tire and service landscape.  With the increase in competition, comes downward pressure on tire margins and customer growth.  CWS will help you develop and implement strategies to combat tire margin and customer erosion. CWS will also assist you in defining and leveraging your competitive advantage, putting you on a better footing to take on competitors of any size.



Boot Camp –  CWS starts with a comprehensive Boot Camp (orientation) to get you off on the right foot.  The first phase of CWS Boot Camps will be held in Phoenix AZ over (2) days.

Work Book  Each participant will be given a Work Book  which contains “The Plan” – process models, inspection forms, estimate forms, store roles, tracking sheets, goal setting & assessment forms as well as phone and selling scripts.

Seminars   There are two seminars:  The first, How to Compete with Large Chains will focus on identifying and leveraging your competitive advantage within your trade area.  The second seminar, Building Top Automotive Retail Teams will cover defining roles, setting goals and coaching for continuous improvement.   (Details and locations to be announced soon)

Dashboard –  Dealers that enroll in Retail Tire Solutions Complete Winning Strategy, will be required to submit their store’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) daily into a secure database.  Store KPI’s will be used as benchmarks to measure improvement and opportunities.  Reporting of store KPI will only be done in the aggregate for comparison purposes.  Your store information will not be shared.  We respect your privacy.

Monday Morning Quarterback  Monday’s are a day to evaluate the prior weeks performance, coach team members, celebrate success and if needed – course correct.  Participating Dealers will have the opportunity to work with an RTS Coach every Monday to refine their game plan.

Webinar Meetings  Starting the Monday after boot camp and continuing once a month, all CWS participants will have the opportunity to attend Webinar Meetings.  These online meetings are designed to discuss aggregate monthly results of the group as well as to share success stories.

If you would like more information or want to sign up, just fill out the form below.  In the mean time, you can download a program brochure here: CWS PROGRAM BROCHURE

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