Red Rules for Tire & Service Dealers

At the end of the day, no matter what you believe – a standard is whatever you are willing to accept.

Activities such as: hand torquing every wheel prior to the vehicle leaving the shop; double checking the oil level, filter and drain plug after performing an oil change and insisting that your people use protective items in every vehicle –  these activities seem like no brainers. However; It has been my experience, that if you don’t communicate these expectations to your people, its tough to hold them accountable.

Draw A Line in the Sand

Here is a example of Red Rules that are used by one of my dealers:

The following is our group’s “Red Rules”.  A Red Rule is the minimal acceptable level of performance that will be accepted from this point forward.

  1. We will offer every customer a Preferred Customer Card.
  2. All oil change conversations will include the option of a Maintenance Package.
  3. Every customer will be informed of our 2 and 3 year alignment policy.
  4. Every store will have at least 7 appointments for the following day.
  5. All showrooms, restrooms and exteriors should be maintained daily.
  6. We will conduct a full brake inspection including measuring rotors/drums every time we remove wheels.  The brake inspection will be documented on the hard copy.
  7. We will check the balance of one tire every time we remove wheels.
  8. We will offer every customer the opportunity of Life Time Tire Balancing/Rotation.
  9. Every Store Associate will be assessed quarterly.
  10. Protective items must be used in every vehicle prior to its entrance into the shop.
  11. All old parts, (fluid, oil, fuel filters, core items excluded) must be returned in a parts bag to the customer.
  12. Invoice reviewed, warranties reviewed, old parts reviewed, invoice put in a receipt envelope with business card of store associate for customer to follow up with questions.
  13. The shop must be cleaned and washed daily.
  14. Every store will be given daily objectives.
  15. We will hand torque every wheel prior to the vehicle leaving the shop.
  16. Oil changes – 2 Associate verification – (by signing the work order).
  17. All associates will wear the company issued uniform while at work.

The best time to communicate your Company standards is on your associate’s first day on the job.  For current employees,  Red Rules make a great topic to cover at your next store meeting.

Here is a copy of the Red Rules that you can down-load.

Good Selling!


About Patrick Murphy

I have spent the past eighteen years producing, coaching and mentoring retail teams. The past six have been in support of Independents across Western US. Although, I have worked most of my career in automotive retail, It hasn’t and never will be about “cars and trucks.” What it has been about is the challenge and satisfaction of helping people with all types of backgrounds to realize their potential.
I am very proud that many of my former teammates have gone on to do some pretty terrific things with their life. Several are currently running their own groups and a few have even opened their own businesses.
My assignments with Bridgestone Firestone and TBC Corporation has offered me the opportunity to work in and become familiar with many markets across the country. From my hometown of Philadelphia, to Boston, Arizona, Dallas, New Mexico, Florida and Southern California. Each market has presented its own unique set of challenges, but at the end of the day, it always came down to three things: people, process and execution.