A Day in the Life of Retail Tire & Service

Roles - Chart

  It all starts with a Plan - Here is Mine - What's yours? ;-)     … [Read more...]

Free Gift – Inspection Form


Good Morning! Today’s best practice:  Use an inspection form to document your inspection on every vehicle. For Dealers that do not have an inspection form or feel that the one that is currently in use by their service department is inadequate, you can down-load the form depicted above here.  I put this form together by taking the best concepts from several other inspection forms. Great vehicle inspections are useless without great documentation!  Demand that your technicians completely fill out an inspection form on every vehicle. Good Selling! This form has been updated please go to this page for the free revised vehicle inspection form. … [Read more...]

Keeping Score


When meeting a potential client for the first time, I usually ask a series of questions such as: What is your Customer Count?  What is your Gross Profit Percent?  Are your Sales Better or Worst then Last Year? How about your Break Even Point? These are pretty basic questions that should have some pretty straight forward answers.  After all, where is the subjectivity in gross profit? Surprisingly, I have come across more then my share of Dealers that can’t give me an answer to these benchmarks that are so critical to the success of their business. The following, while not an exhaustive list, are fairly critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that I currently use to measure the “health” of an Automotive Retail Business along with industry benchmarks. The time periods that are measured are Month to Date and Year to Date.  Both periods are benchmarked Better or Worse (B/W) then Last year.  Month to Date is tracked daily where Year to Date is usually … [Read more...]