Declined Services – a Goldmine of opportunity

declined postcard

An admittedly unscientific poll of a couple hundred dealers in the Western Part of the United States suggest that only 30% of dealers actually have a declined service program in place. Considering that as an industry, customers that are presented with declined service notifications return for service 20% of the time, it seems like a no-brainer to start a declined service program. Most retail automotive repair POS systems have a declined service software packages built in, so if your does, lets start using it!  Some dealers utilize data-base marketing companies to administer their declined service program, while still others (I have a few customers that are still working out of a cigar box  ), still use a simple handwritten post card and a phone call. If you are among the 30% that are actively engaged in reaching out to your declined service customers, I am sure you are reaping the benefits.  If you are not, let’s get started!  Need help or advice? Contact me. Good … [Read more...]

How to Grow New Customer Count by 40% in 90 Days


In Automotive Retail; statically speaking, the average new customer costs a dealer somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 to acquire.  These customer acquisition cost are mostly related to advertising expenses and promotional “lost liter” services. So you spend $300 to get yourself a new customer.  A customer, that if you do a good job will be a customer for life; spending on average between $300 – $1000 per year. Sounds good right?  Now for the bad news – As an industry, our customer retention rate for first time customers is only 30%!  That means that for every ten new customers that come into your shop with that $15.99 oil change coupon, only three will return. Not too good, right? Sounds like we are not doing a good job MOST of the time with our new customers (as an industry). Why don’t they return? There are lots of reason, but the reality is we didn’t do anything to WOW our new guests.  We didn’t do anything to differentiate ourselves from the … [Read more...]