Why you should be doing Work Place Marketing


Work Place Marketing, is a form of "grass root marketing" that centers around reaching out to people or associations that work within the trade area of your service center (s).  Most of us have done some type of Work Place Marketing. Typical Work Place Marketing examples range from handing out coupons or flyers in nearby shopping strips and office parks, to having discount cards printed up for large employers, schools and associations.   Statistically 35% of consumers buy tires & service while they are at work. Traditional media that targets residential households is not the most effective way to reach these consumers. How do you get a message out to people that park their vehicle within a few miles of your store front EVERY DAY? You get out of your stores and Knock on Doors! While the traditional coupon, flyer and printed discount card will get them in the door, how do you convert that first time customer into a loyal passionate fan? RTS has put … [Read more...]

Tis the Season! Why Not Offer Your Customer’s a 5 Pack?


I am a fan of (almost) anything that builds gross and improves customer retention.  Thats why I like the Oil Change Pack program. The program is pretty straight forward, offer your customers the option of pre-purchasing five oil changes for a discounted price.  The customer gets a break on the average oil change price and you get to collect a lot more from your customer for the current visit.  In addition, you also get an opportunity to inspect your customer's vehicle at least four more times. When you consider that customer retention rates in the automotive repair industry average just over 30%, insuring that you have future customers is a beautiful thing. I have included an example from one of my dealers.  If you would like information on  customizing an Oil Change Pack program for your business, please contact me. Good Selling! Pat … [Read more...]