Why its a good Idea to Offer an Inspection to Every Customer

I live in Arizona where there is no requirement to have an annual  safety inspection performed on passenger and light truck vehicles.  According to Info.com only 26 States now require regular inspections of automobiles "to rid the highways of dangerous vehicles with bald tires, wobbly suspensions, smoke-filled exhausts, and defective brakes and lights."  You can find that list of States here. If I owned a Tire and Service business in a State that doesn't require regular safety inspections, I'm not sure that I would need another reason to recommend a full mechanical inspection on every one of my customers vehicles at least once a year.  I would charge for that inspection as well. If you do need another reason to offer (sell) inspections to every customer, here is another one!  It has to do with identifying customers that are interested in having a safety inspection performed on their vehicle.  Believe it or not, there are lots of customers that are interested in having a safety … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of Retail Tire & Service

Roles - Chart

  It all starts with a Plan - Here is Mine - What's yours? ;-)     … [Read more...]

Quick Tip! Gross Builder – Add On Balance

theory into practice

Add On Balance If your like most Tire Dealers, you give Life-Time FREE rotations away with the purchase of a set of Tires. Forward ahead to the first time to your customer comes back for their FREE tire rotation -  It may go something like this - "Sir we will rotate your tires for FREE,  but you really should balance the tires as well - That will be $29.99 - Want us to take care of that for your?" Question:  How does one FEEL when you take their FREE service away from them? Answer:  Probably not so good. Solution:  Task your Service Manager to insure his/her Technicians are checking the tire balance on at least one tire - every time they pull wheels. So the conversation should go like this:  "Mr Grier; While rotating your tires, our technician checked the balance of one of your tires, your right front tire is out of balance by almost an ounce!  That condition will most likely cause premature tire wear and a vibration in the steering wheel at highway speeds.  It may … [Read more...]

Alignment Strategy – What’s a Good Job?

Can you hear me?

A good way to gauge whether or not you are maximize your Alignment Opportunities is to base you Alignments sold verses PAT. PAT = Potential Alignment Ticket Potential Alignment Tickets are work orders (invoices) that you have sold two or more retail tires on. I would focus on a goal of 70% Alignments Sold to Work Orders that you have sold two or more tires. Track it Daily for best results! If you need a tracking sheet, check these out. Good Selling, Pat … [Read more...]

Tips to Build a Rocking Estimate


“Nothing happens until something is sold”.  The age old advice that I am sure all of you have heard a few times more then you would have liked.  The truth is however, that this advice is “spot on” as my Irish cousins would say. If you have to sell something to make money, then its probably pretty important that your people selling your products and services: 1) Know how to “build” an estimate 2) Can have an informative conversation with your customers about your services. 3) Can Sell. Now that we have that out of the way lets talk a little about your selling tools.  I call them critical tools to success: 1) An inspection form. 2) An estimate from. 3) Standards in which you base your recommendations on. Inspection Form: Inspection forms come in all shapes and sizes and colors.  A good inspection form allows you to document vehicle system failures as well as indicate areas that should be addressed to prolong the life of the vehicle.  I prefer … [Read more...]

Tracking Tools


A few weeks ago, I posted an article about the importance of keeping Score.  Some of you have contacted me and asked me for some tools to track daily sales and KPI’s as well as employee productivity. I am currently working on a fairly comprehensive tracking tool that will incorporate break even, payroll productivity as well as a profit building application that I hope to complete in the next month, but until then, feel free to use the following tools Store Daily Tracker Service Manager Tracking Sheet Retail Sales Tracking Sheet Tire/Asst Manager Tracking Sheet Good Selling! … [Read more...]

Free Gift – Inspection Form


Good Morning! Today’s best practice:  Use an inspection form to document your inspection on every vehicle. For Dealers that do not have an inspection form or feel that the one that is currently in use by their service department is inadequate, you can down-load the form depicted above here.  I put this form together by taking the best concepts from several other inspection forms. Great vehicle inspections are useless without great documentation!  Demand that your technicians completely fill out an inspection form on every vehicle. Good Selling! This form has been updated please go to this page for the free revised vehicle inspection form. … [Read more...]