A Day in the Life of Retail Tire & Service

Roles - Chart

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What Comes First


On my way to Portland Oregon today and I got to thinking, besides the fact that I will probably see rain fall from the sky for the first time in months (I live in Phoenix), as owner of an Independent Tire and Service Dealership, Its easy to get caught up in the daily grind of operating your business and lose sight of what comes first. What comes first?  Why of course – Selling Lots of Tires and Service I used to tell my managers that worked for me: during the course of the day, between the hours of unlocking your store front to closing down your operations at night, If you find yourself doing anything that is not related to “getting cars in” – “checking em out” – “building a through estimate” and “Asking for the Sale (In a timely manner)”, Your need to rethink what you are doing. Its really that simple. Do YOU really have to run to the bank? Do YOU really need to pick up that part? Do YOU really need to spend your time talking to salespeople? Do … [Read more...]