Using Groupon to Sell More Tires and Service Who uses Groupon? Groupon's main demographics are hip/active young people with money to spend.  The typical Groupon user is a college educated single female, a tough segment to market to with traditional media.  They also are avid users of Social Media - Blogging, Facebooking and Twittering about their purchasing experiences. Check out these Groupon Auto Tire and Service Examples: Big O Tires Oro Valley AZ Sold 305 Auto Tech of Las Vegas Sold 379 Oil Can Henry's Sold over 1,621 Tires and Brakes for Less Sold Out! How Much does Groupon Cost? Groupon cost nothing unless your Groupon is sold.  Once your Groupon meets the requirements you established up front, Groupon takes a percentage of the Groupon coupons that they sell for you.  That's it! Why Groupon? Why not?  Statically speaking, it cost the average Independent Tire Dealer $350 to obtain one new Customer.  Groupon cost you a fraction of the … [Read more...]

Tis the Season! Why Not Offer Your Customer’s a 5 Pack?


I am a fan of (almost) anything that builds gross and improves customer retention.  Thats why I like the Oil Change Pack program. The program is pretty straight forward, offer your customers the option of pre-purchasing five oil changes for a discounted price.  The customer gets a break on the average oil change price and you get to collect a lot more from your customer for the current visit.  In addition, you also get an opportunity to inspect your customer's vehicle at least four more times. When you consider that customer retention rates in the automotive repair industry average just over 30%, insuring that you have future customers is a beautiful thing. I have included an example from one of my dealers.  If you would like information on  customizing an Oil Change Pack program for your business, please contact me. Good Selling! Pat … [Read more...]