Alignment Strategy – What’s a Good Job?

Can you hear me?

A good way to gauge whether or not you are maximize your Alignment Opportunities is to base you Alignments sold verses PAT. PAT = Potential Alignment Ticket Potential Alignment Tickets are work orders (invoices) that you have sold two or more retail tires on. I would focus on a goal of 70% Alignments Sold to Work Orders that you have sold two or more tires. Track it Daily for best results! If you need a tracking sheet, check these out. Good Selling, Pat … [Read more...]

Credit Card Financing Tips from GE Money


There is a great series of  three short videos that I recommend that you view over at GE Money's site.   The videos discuss real world strategies on how to introduce financing to your customers. I am a big fan of utilizing in-house customer "preferred" cards to finance purchases.  Inpart because its a proven fact that store-card customers spend more money, complain less frequently (mostly due to elimination of buyers remorse) and are much more loyal to your business then bank card or cash customers.  Check out the videos and let me know what you think. The videos are only about 4 minutes each.  You can find the videos here. Be sure to down load the talking points also found on the very same page. … [Read more...]

Focus Need Apply …


Greetings from Seattle/Tacoma Airport.  As I await my flight back to Phoenix, I feel compelled to share a recent Dealer visit with you.  Now as customary with my posts, names and locations are omitted to protect the “guilty”. In the land of Les Schwab and Tire Factory we find lots of Independent Tire Dealers; Some Dealers have met the increased competition of the large chains head on, leveraging their competitive advantage over their heavy weight contenders by promoting more convenient store hours, excellent customer service with tag lines such as: “One Stop Shop”, “Family Owned and Operated”  and  “Your Neighborhood Tire and Service Experts”. Unfortunately some Dealers have compromised their services and livelihood, choosing to instead offer other services like Radio installation?, Moving Services and of all things, The State Lottery to retain their customer base. Shockingly; None of the aforementioned Dealers are successful by any standard … [Read more...]

Keeping Score


When meeting a potential client for the first time, I usually ask a series of questions such as: What is your Customer Count?  What is your Gross Profit Percent?  Are your Sales Better or Worst then Last Year? How about your Break Even Point? These are pretty basic questions that should have some pretty straight forward answers.  After all, where is the subjectivity in gross profit? Surprisingly, I have come across more then my share of Dealers that can’t give me an answer to these benchmarks that are so critical to the success of their business. The following, while not an exhaustive list, are fairly critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that I currently use to measure the “health” of an Automotive Retail Business along with industry benchmarks. The time periods that are measured are Month to Date and Year to Date.  Both periods are benchmarked Better or Worse (B/W) then Last year.  Month to Date is tracked daily where Year to Date is usually … [Read more...]



Welcome to my Blog, and believe me you are welcome to it! During my tenures as a District Manager and Regional Director of various Automotive Retail groups, I got in the daily habit of sharing a thought of best practice with my group. I will continue that endeavor here on this site. I hope to provide some good information and sometimes feed back as I travel the West working with Independent Tire Dealers such as yourselves. Good Selling! … [Read more...]