Tool Day – Free Payroll Productivity Worksheet

Starting today, and every Friday (fingers crossed), I will work on posting another retail tire and service tool.  Today I am posting a Daily Payroll Productivity Worksheet that I put together and it seems to work really well.  The Worksheet is pretty straight forward, enter your Total Sales, Service Sales, Technician & Sales Associate payroll information daily and in turn the Worksheet will produce:

  • Vehicle Service Associate Payroll percent to Sales
  • Customer Service Associate Payroll percent to Sales
  • Total Payroll percent to Sales
  • Effective hourly rate of pay for Flat Rate Technicians and your Sales Team

There is even an area to adjust for Fringe (taxes, benefits, etc) and spiffs for your sales team.

Benchmarks are listed at the top of the page.  Most Retail Tire Stores shoot for:

  • 20% Vehicle Service Payroll/Service Sales  
  • 10% Customer Service Payroll/Total Sales
  • 30% Total Payroll/Total Sales

You can find further posts covering additional tools that may be helpful to your business here.

You can down-load the Daily Payroll Productivity Worksheet here.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Also – The sheet is protected so the formulas are not over-written.  There is no password.  Just “un-protect” the sheet in excel, then you can modify the worksheet to your liking.

Good Selling!

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