Want to fix your Business? Focus on People First

As leaders, how often do we delegate critical people “interactions” and tasks to others?

Is interviewing new team candidates the first thing that gets delegated?  How about the training?

It’s been my experience that the delegation of critical people tasks happens more times then not.  Why?  Because it’s hard work to hire people!  Its very time consuming!  Lets face it .. its a pain in the butt to keep training and coaching people!  But if you want to build  great teams, “hands on” is absolutely necessary.

Show me an underperforming business unit, and you will most likely find the leader disengaged with his/her people and preoccupied with administrative tasks.

As a leader, there is nothing more important then the time you spend with your people.

If great performance starts and ends with great performing people, you must spend the time it takes to hire the right candidate and invest the time it takes to develop that individual.  

Want to fix your business? Spend time with your people!

  • Involve yourself in the hiring process – meet every candidate.  Don’t delegate this most important task.
  • Remember, you are competing for good people.  Learn to sell your opportunity as well as you sell your products.
  • Always, Always insure your people have the tools, knowledge and understand what they are supposed to do before they start.
  • Set goals and keep score – every day.
  • Celebrate Success frequently, address underperformance daily!
  • Remember – long lasting and sustainable results come from continuous improvement

So close the lap top, put the iPhone down, tell your vendors your not available and go spend some time with your people.


Good Selling!



About Patrick Murphy

I have spent the past eighteen years producing, coaching and mentoring retail teams. The past six have been in support of Independents across Western US. Although, I have worked most of my career in automotive retail, It hasn’t and never will be about “cars and trucks.” What it has been about is the challenge and satisfaction of helping people with all types of backgrounds to realize their potential.
I am very proud that many of my former teammates have gone on to do some pretty terrific things with their life. Several are currently running their own groups and a few have even opened their own businesses.
My assignments with Bridgestone Firestone and TBC Corporation has offered me the opportunity to work in and become familiar with many markets across the country. From my hometown of Philadelphia, to Boston, Arizona, Dallas, New Mexico, Florida and Southern California. Each market has presented its own unique set of challenges, but at the end of the day, it always came down to three things: people, process and execution.